Structural Timber Screws

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Structural Timber Screws


Structural Timber Screws

Structural Timber Screws for fixing timber where a structural fixing is required.

These timberlock joist screws / landscape screws offer a more economical alternative to the original fastenmaster.

8 mm HEX Head. Coarse thread with a sharp point and cutting flute.

HEX Head driver bit included. (EXCLUDING EVOLUTION PRODUCTS)

Performance Structural

  • Hex Drive Structural Timber Screws. Up to 1000 hr salt spray resistance. No pre-drilling in most timbers.
  • ACQ resistant coating.
  • Type 17 point to reduce drive torque, 6.7mm diameter with specially designed serrated milling thread.
  • Each box comes complete with 65mm  driver hex head socket (5/16″) driver for easy application.


The Paslode Structural Screws are for use in various applications in timber frame where multiple members are required; typically trimmer joists, multiple floor joists, lintels and multiple girders.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Requires no pre–drilling
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Higher lateral load capacity than nails or screws of similar
  • Upgraded to improve withdrawal and shear load capabilities,increase speed of installation and to meet the design requirements of Eurocode 5
  • Large diameter flanges under heads ensure very high resistance to pull–through loads


Manufactured with a 1000 hour salt spray rated ACQ compatible comparison anti-corrosion coating these screws will stand up to the rigours of UK weather.


  • Cutting flutes for easy driving.
  • 1000 hours organic coating for exterior use
  • 7.0mm diameter for increased strength
  • Hex drive bit in each box
  • Length and diameter stamped on screw head

Ideal for use in…


Structural Timber Screws Brands:

  • Evolution
  • Performance Structural
  • Timbercut
  • Paslode
  • Available in 50 or 100 pieces per box depending on Brand
  • Available in lengths from 65mm – 250mm x 6.5 – 8.0mm



Paslode 6.5mm 65mm 100 £34.95
Performance Structural 6.7mm 65mm 50 £8.95
Paslode 8.0mm 65mm 100 £37.95
Timbercut 7.0mm 65mm 50 £8.95
Paslode 8.0mm 85mm 100 £43.55
Evolution 6.3mm 90mm 100 £19.95
Performance Structural 6.7mm 90mm 50 £10.95
Timbercut 7.0mm 90mm 50 £9.95
Paslode 6.5mm 100mm 100 £48.96
Performance Structural 6.7mm 100mm 50 £10.95
Paslode 8.0mm 100mm 100 £48.96
Paslode 6.5mm 115mm 100 £52.50
Performance Structural 6.7mm 125mm 50 £13.95
Paslode 8.0mm 135mm 100 £54.40
Timbercut 7.0mm 140mm 50 £15.95
Paslode 6.5mm 150mm 100 £56.58
Evolution 6.5mm 150mm 100 £28.95
Performance Structural 6.7mm 150mm 50 £14.95
Timbercut 7.0mm 180mm 50 £23.95
Paslode 6.5mm 200mm 100 £70.74
Performance Structural 6.7mm 200mm 50 £22.95
Timbercut 7.0mm 200mm 50 £25.95
Paslode 6.5mm 250mm 100 £85.99
Evolution 6.5mm 250mm 50 £19.95

Additional information

Structural Timber Screws

Evolution 6.3mm x 75mm, Evolution 6.3mm x 90mm, Evolution 6.5mm x 150mm, Evolution 6.5mm x 200mm, Paslode 6.5mm x 100mm, Paslode 6.5mm x 115mm, Paslode 6.5mm x 150mm, Paslode 6.5mm x 200mm, Paslode 6.5mm x 250mm, Paslode 6.5mm x 65mm, Paslode 8.0mm x 100mm, Paslode 8.0mm x 135mm, Paslode 8.0mm x 65mm, Paslode 8.0mm x 85mm, Performance 6.7mm x 100mm, Performance 6.7mm x 125mm, Performance 6.7mm x 150mm, Performance 6.7mm x 200mm, Performance 6.7mm x 65mm, Performance 6.7mm x 90mm, Timbercut 7.0mm x 140mm, Timbercut 7.0mm x 180mm, Timbercut 7.0mm x 200mm, Timbercut 7.0mm x 65mm, Timbercut 7.0mm x 90mm

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