Reisser R2 Cutter Screw Tubs

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Reisser R2 Cutter Screw Tubs

Reisser tubs offer a great alternative to standard screwboxes
waterproof , durable & tough , they are reusable, easy to stack & store
with integral hinged lid.


Yellow tropicalized
Deep pozi drive
Self countersinking
Cutter slots – no need for pre drilling
Needle point
Single wide thread


All wood
Soft wood
Hard wood
Board materials

Cutter slots allow the screw to work close to the edge of material without splitting & penetrate almost all timbers without pre drilling.
The ribs & tucks under the head allow the screw to sit flush & tight without surface damage
Each tub includes a Wera 2×25 bi torsion pozi bit.

Sizes & Tub Quantities Available

4×25 mm full thread 1600 screws per tub £19.95

4×30 mm full thread 1500 screws per tub £19.95

4×40 mm full thread 1200 screws per tub £19.95

4×50 mm full thread 900 screws per tub £19.95

5×50 mm full thread 600 screws per tub £19.95

5×60 mm part thread 500 screws per tub £19.95

5×70 mm part thread 450 screws per tub £19.95

5×80 mm part thread 400 screws per tub £19.95

5×100 mm part thread 400 screws per tub £19.95

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