Rawlplug R-Kem II Polyester Resin 300ml

£6.95 Ex VAT

Rawlplug R-Kem II

300ml Polyester Resin


Rawlplug R-Kem II Polyester Resin 300ml + 2 Mixing Nozzles

  • The most convenient bonded anchor for general purpose use
  • Quick, secure and simple installation
  • Product with a wide spectrum of use in the medium load capacity area
  • Ideal for applications where mechanical anchors are not suitable
  • Easy dosage thanks to patented self-opening system and use of a manual or pneumatic gun
  • The option of using a standard manual silicone gun
  • Suitable for multiple uses. Partly used product can be reused after fitting new nozzle
  • Styrene Free
  • ETA Approved




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