Rawlplug 2.8 x 63mm Ring Galvanised Collated Nails

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Rawlplug 2.8 x 63mm Ring Galvanised Collated Nails. Suitable for Timber, Wood, Chipboard and Plywood 3300 nails and 2 fuel cells

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Rawlplug 2.8 x 63mm Ring Galvanised Collated Nails

Rawlplug 2.8 x 63mm Ring Galvanised Collated Nails 3,300 – 3 x Fuel Cells

Product Information.

  • 34º angle collation with a clipped head ensures the nail is compatible with all leading manufactures tools
  • Special coating at the base of the shank improves the drive of the nail and ensures a secure fixing
  • Diamond point prevents the timber from splitting
  • Waxed paper collation avoids deterioration in wet conditions

Suitable for

  • Timber
  • Wood
  • Chipboard
  • Plywood

Rawl 2.8 x 51mm Ring Galvanised Nails

Rawlplug is actually responsible for the invention of the first wall plug and the first mechanical anchor to ever have been used. Our contemporary portfolio accounts for more than 30,000 products used in the vast area of construction, starting from.

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  • civil engineering structures
  • interior finishing and tools.

There are 11 product categories in our regular portfolio

  • bonded anchors
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And regardless of whether our products are used in construction sites of international investment projects or for household finishing works, we guarantee reliability and safety of all these solutions to all customers.

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