Rawlplug 2.8 Ring Galvanised Nails

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Rawlplug 2.8 Ring Shank Galvanised Nails 3,300 – 3 x Fuel Cells

Suitable for Timber, Wood, Chipboard, Plywood

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Rawlplug 2.8 Ring Galvanised Nails

Rawlplug 2.8 Ring Galvanised Nails x 3,300 + 3 x Fuel Cells

Features and benefits

  • 34º angle collation with a clipped head ensures the nail is compatible with all leading manufactures tools
  • Waxed paper collation avoids deterioration in wet conditions
  • Paper tape collation ensures that no collating material is left on the work site
  • Diamond point prevents the timber from splitting
  • Twisted shank eases driving the nail into timber and provides better performance
  • Full round head provides a secure fixing and high pull through value
  • Tapered shank at the nail head provides tight fitting of the metal connector

Available in

  • 51mm
  • 63mm

Suitable for

  • Timber
  • Wood
  • Chipboard
  • Plywood


Rawl 2.8 x 51mm Ring Galvanised Nails


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51mm, 63mm