Paslode Nails 3.1 x 90mm Smooth Galv+ im350+



Paslode 3.1mm x 90mm IM350 Smooth Shank Galvanised Nails 2,200 – 2 x Fuel Cells

Paslode IM350+ Diamond point clipped head Nail packs with paper strip, supplied with Paslode Impulse gas fuel cells.


All Paslode nails are Chrome 6, cadmium and lead free and are available in five finishes to meet corrosion requirements.

Galv Plus : Meet the Eurocode 5 requirements for applications in service class 1 and 2 (indoor and covered outdoor) Specification – Zn / Al alloy approx 15µm.

SHANK :Smooth Shank : The standard nail, offering high shear value and lowest withdrawal resistance. Fixing across the grain. Fixing into end grain. Clenching applications. Specification – Number of centres will vary with shank diameter.


Clipped Head : Increases number of nails per strip. The head area is designed to maximise resistance to the head being pulled through Specification – Head area corresponding to full round head area, according to EC5


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