Cullen TC Truss clip

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Cullen TC Truss Clip


The TC secures truss rafters to wallplates.


  • Eliminates the potential damage skew nailing can cause to connector plates, rafters or wallplates by offering a positive fixing on two planes with an assured safe working load / characteristic capacity.

Cullen TC Truss Clip Specs

  • Galvanised mild steel -Z275
  • Compliant with BS 5268: Part 3 ; skew nailing of trussed rafters to wall plates not recommended
  • CE Marked -ETA-09/0276


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Becoming a part of ITW Construction Products in 2008, Cullen has benefitted from the expertise and resources of a global corporation allowing them to grow, invent and create more than before.
Designing and manufacturing a complete range of timber engineering connectors, Cullen is at the forefront of market trends, ideas and needs.
Chosen for their highest quality and European compliance of both EN792 – 13 and Eurocode 5, Cullen Timber Engineering Connectors will become a mainstay of your most valued business assets.
You can be confident with Cullen that you are fully supported by a highly qualified technical team.  With almost 40 years of experience, our technical experts are ready to offer advice in all timber engineering related matters. Our skilled professionals play a leading role in the industry’s representative bodies finding solutions to future challenges, working with the STA, TRA and TRADA to name a few.

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38mm, 44mm, 50mm

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