Cullen MHE Multi Hanger External

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Cullen MHE Multi Hanger External

Designed to support timber-timber connections in situations of medium to high loading.

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Cullen MHE Multi Hanger External

The Cullen MHE Multi Hanger External is designed to support timber-timber connections in situations of medium to high loading.


  • The MHE has an EXTERNAL flange fixing.
  • Range of sizes and potential fixing combinations, allow for greater design flexibility including qualified partial nail & bolt performance.


  • MHE – Galvanised mild steel – Z275.
  • For INTERNAL flange fixing use MHI the minimum width for this hanger is 92mm. For internal flange applications below 92mm use MHIC.


What are Joist Hangers

Cullen Joist Hangers

You can be confident with Cullen that you are fully supported by a highly qualified technical team.  With almost 40 years of experience, our technical experts are ready to offer advice in all timber engineering related matters. Our skilled professionals play a leading role in the industry’s representative bodies finding solutions to future challenges, working with the STA, TRA and TRADA to name a few.

At Cullen we follow a customer focused approach to new product development which allows us to research and interpret the true needs of our customers and their industry. Our product development begins on site, not in a lab.

Thanks to our dedicated focus on innovation, Cullen adds new products to its offering which are true problem solvers for the industry.

Our state-of-the-art-research facility in Glenrothes, Scotland includes a test rig, timber conditioning chamber and computer controlled turret press for prototype work.

Our range of timber engineering solutions includes connectors and hangers for:-

Truss to Wall Plates
Ensuring trussed rafters are secured to wall plates.

Timber To Masonry
Traditional timber to masonry connector range designed for use with I-Joists, open web and solid timber joists / trusses.

Timber Frame
High performance metal work required in timber frame structured from anchoring timber sole plates to timber frame panels through to rim beam connections.

Solid Timber Roof Truss
Used to support trusses from standard to very high load situations.

Engineered Wood Products (EWP)
I-Joist and Open Web applications from standard all the way through to very high load scenarios.

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