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Cullen IR Clip – Insulation Retaining Clip

The Cullen IR–Clip allows for the use of high performance rigid insulation within a timber frame panel, whilst maintaining a service gap.

We do NOT hold these items in stock and will be ordered direct from manufacturer, so please add 2 extra days for delivery.

Features & Benefits

  • Snap–off detail splits the IR–Clip into two halves, for use on multiple studs or single use applications i.e panel ends.
  • Speeds up panel manufacturing time, as insulationand OSB can be fitted from the same side.
  • Toothed profile to allow easy installation with no nailsor screws required.
  • Guaranteed service void (2No IR–Clips can be used to create two void areas within a panel).
  • Material Specification — Galvanised mild steel – Z275

Available Sizes


Product Code height (mm)
IR–Clip–70 70
IR–Clip–100 100
IR–Clip–110 110
IR–Clip–120 120
IR–Clip–130 130


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IR Clip

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