Collated Nails

Collated Nails

1st Fix and 2nd Fix Collated Nails

34-degree angle collated nails from Paslode and Rawlplug. A great range of collated nails from a smooth galvanised to a ring galv clipped head and full round head on Paslode IM360. Even PPN nails for direct fixing joist hangers.

The Rawlplug nails are fully compatible with The Paslode IM 350 and other leading manufacturers nail guns.

Diamond point to help prevent the timber from splitting.

Paslode and Rawlplug collated nails and fuel canisters are designed for the fixing of timber, timber framing, stud work, battening and fixing of sheeting and fencing etc. Using various types of pneumatic and cordless application tools together with the appropriate collated nail combination.

• A comprehensive range of sizes and combinations of nail coatings and finishes which allows the correct nails for all fixing requirements, including stainless steel.

We also supply a range of second fix straight and angled brads in a 16 gauge by both Paslode and Rawlplug. Smooth shank for low penetration resistance. Chisel point to prevent timber from splitting. T type head provides a concealed fixing. Available in galvanised and stainless steel finish.
Please note that you must use the appropriate PPN nail gun to fire the PPN nail, they will not work without one.
The Paslode nails for the IM-90 and the IM-360 use a different gas system to the IM 350 +
Rawlplug nails are not compatible with the Paslode IM 360 gun.